Opening Season Trout Gear

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Trout Season is here for most waters in the U.S. It’s a good time to check your inventory and see what you have,what you need ,and what needs replacing. Figure out when your going fishing and how your going to fish. Are you fishing streams or rivers. Maybe a lake or two,are you shore fishing or in a boat or float tube.
With many decisions to make, it’s time to organize.

Start off by checking your poles. A good Fly fishing pole is always kept ready to go. Superfly makes a great combo set for the beginning angler.

SuperFly 4pc Performance Combo 8’6″ Rod
The makers at Quarrow also put out a good ready to go combo set up.This set comes with a nice case to protect your gear.

Quarrow Elite Trout Fly Fishing Combo Kit
If its just reels your after, Ross makes a great affordable reel.The “Flystart” reel by Ross has well built gearing and is just as good as higher end brands.

3M Ross Reels Flystart #3, Black
Another great reel is by a company named Okuma. I bought my dad an Okuma reel that he really enjoys.This “Sierra” model has a smooth roller bearing action.

Okuma Sierra Fly Fishing Reel
Lamson is a higher end reel but here we are able to get closeout prices.The”guru” is for smooth precision fishing.

Lamson Guru 2 Fly Fishing Reel – 5/6wt
Waders are something that get beat up and someday need replacing. I like dry waders rather than neoprene ones. Walmart has a great pair at a low price and the brand Caddis is a great brand as well and is reliable.

Caddis Men’s Northern Guide Breathable Chest Waders
Now Patagonia is probably the most high end brand you can get.We are able to get these at a discounted price.Patagonia is a leader in clothing and fishing gear.

Patagonia Skeena River Chest Waders – Stockingfoot (For Men)
Wading boots vary with people.I like felt boots.These Patagonia boots once again are top of the line at an incredible bargain.

Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boots – Felt Bottom (For Men and Women)
Is that vest looking ratty and time to go or did you just outgrow it.Crystal River makes a low cost vest that does the job. I had one for years.

Crystal River Fly Fishing Vest
If it’s top end you like than we got. The Umpqua vest is supreme out there in the water.It has 11 pockets and is comfortable to wear.

Umpqua Feather Merchants Toketee Fly Fishing Vest (For Men)
For the guys that can’t stay on shore Walmart has a variety of kayaks and float tubes to fish from. You do not have to spend big money to get set up.A float tube is a way I enjoy fishing out on the lake. Classic accessories makes a great tube at an unbelievable price. The “Teton” is awesome.

Classic Accessories Teton Float Tube
Another great tube is the Caddis “Navigator” at another good price and caddis is a quality brand.

Caddis Sports Navigator IV
If you want an angling kayak but don’t want to pay $600 what do you do? You look right here yes Walmart comes through with several reputable models.

Lifetime 1-Man Redfin Angler Kayak, Sandstone
Lifetime makes nice kayaks at lower prices.This “redfin angler” comes with a rod holder and a good storage. All you need is your fishing gear.
The Sun Dolphin “green excursion” is another nice angling kayak that doesn’t tear the pocketbook.It’s a ten foot kayak with plenty of storage and ready for the water.

Sun Dolphin Green Excursion 10′ Sit In Fishing Kayak With Bonus Paddle
For those of you that like a sit on top kayak, I haven’t forgot about you. Emotion kayaks makes this badass “Stealth Angler” .It has storage and two rod holders in the rear.

Emotion Kayaks Stealth Angler Kayak
For the spincast and bait fisherman there are plenty of things you may need before you head out for the season.First let’s look at poles and I’ll give a few recommendations.I usually get a Daiwa or Shakesphere pole. They are of great quality and hold up to the heavy beating. I personally like the Shakespeare “ugly stick” It is pretty much unbreakable while fishing,just don’t slam your car door on it. For the novice or someone that just wants to grab and go fishing,this has all you need to catch trout. And it’s affordable.

Shakespeare Complete Trout Spinning Kit
If your going hiking,or backpacking get a telescopic.It folds up small to attach to your pack.

Shakespeare Durango Telescopic Spinning Rod
I use an “ugly stick” light rod when I fish for trout in creeks,streams,and other wilderness areas I go to.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Lite Casting Rod
Daiwa like I said makes excellent fishing equipment. I have a nice Daiwa for trout fishing.I love their reels too, they are so smooth.

Daiwa D-Shock B Freshwater Spinning Combo
Do you need a net? Wetfly makes a great rubber net that is fish friendly,meaning it is easier on the fish when handling it.

Wetfly Rubber Net with Wooden Handle – Small
Whether your fly-fishing or spin casting in the mountains carry a creel to put your fish in while your walking the river or creek.

Berkley Extra-Large Fishing Creel
How about a great fishing hat. I always wear a boonie. It keeps the sun off me and I can dunk it to stay cool.

Boonie Outdoor Cap Washed Cotton – Khaki
So get out there and enjoy the season,but remember to have everything you need. When you fish a river or sit on the shore of a lake you got to have the right gear to get the job done. Join me again here at to cover my experiences of the outdoors and to get recommended quality gear at low prices.You don’t have to get the most expensive gear to have a good time.