Kern River Camping

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The “Kern” as ongoing campers call it, is a beautiful place to camp, fish, and raft. There are numerous campgrounds along the upper river and several designated free areas to camp along the river. The lower river also has a few campgrounds as well, but I prefer to talk about the upper section above the town of Kernville, California. As far as campgrounds along the Kern, I like limestone, Fairview, and Hospital flat campgrounds. They have the best shoreline and some shade at these places. When your talking about designated free areas I am disappointed to discuss it because several years ago you could camp anywhere along the river. The park service got tired of cleaning up all the trash left behind along the river. A group and the rangers imposed a law restricting camping to the campgrounds and 8 free small areas along the river. Now people are overly congested, camping on top of each other in these areas and they now can be policed by the Sheriff, Ranger, and Game warden . So much for a peaceful weekend along the Kern. Basically idiots have ruined it for everybody.

Camping reservations for the kern campgrounds can be made at

The Kern River is a river in the U.S. state of California, approximately 165 miles (270 km) long. It drains an area of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains northeast of Bakersfield. Fed by snowmelt near Mount Whitney, the river passes through scenic canyons in the mountains and is a popular destination for whitewater rafting and kayaking. It is the only major river in the Sierra Nevada mountain range that drains in a southerly direction.The river was named by John C. Frémont in honor of Edward M. Kern in 1845 who, as the story goes, nearly drowned in the turbulent waters. Kern was the topographer of Fremont’s third expedition through the American West. Before this, the Kern River was known as the “Rio de San Felipe” as named by Spanish missionary explorer Fr. Francisco Garcés when he explored the Bakersfield area on May 1, 1776. On August 2, 1806, Padre Zavidea renamed the river La Porciuncula for the day of the Porciuncula Indulgence. It was locally known as Po-sun-co-la until its renaming by Fremont.

calkin flats

Calkins Flat designated camping area,Upper Kern River.

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Ozark Trail 4-Person Dome Tent

This is one of my tents I take when camping solo or just two of us. It’s inexpensive and well made. It has lasted me many years so far. Ozark Trail is Walmart’s brand and it provides well made gear at affordable prices.


Limestone Campground, Upper Kern River.

Kern Canyon, the deep canyon of the river northeast of Bakersfield, is a popular location  for fishing . Of particular interest to fisherman are the Kern River rainbow trout, the Little Kern golden trout and the California golden trout. The Kern Canyon is popular for camping, hiking, and picnicking. There are developed campgrounds maintained by the US Forest . All of the campgrounds are open in the summer months while only a few remain open year round. There are also some undeveloped areas off Mountain Highway 99 available for camping. I myself am a fishing addict, so I can’t wait to fish most of the time I’m there. Over the years I have caught plenty of fish.

kern fish

Fall Kern Rainbow Trout

I like to shore fish or wade in the water wearing waders when the river level and flow is low. Baits I use are nightcrawlers, and green powerbait. I also use rooster tail and Rapala lures.  I like to fish with the current or in deep holes found along the river. The biggest trout I ever caught on the Kern was a 4.5lb Alper trout that was stocked ,back in 2006 from a hatchery near Mammoth ,California that had a program with the state. I haven’t seen one that big since ,but I know they have big Brown Trout in the upper wild section of the river above the Johnsondale bridge. This area is accessible only by foot and has heavy fishing regulations to follow.

kern trout

Another Summer Rainbow USA, LLC

Ready 2 Fish Trout Spin Medium Combo with Kit

If your new to fishing or just want to grab something quick to up there, get this trout fishing set up and some small treble hooks and green powerbait . This will do you fine and it’s not expensive. I always get my gear at Walmart or Big 5 and they have what I need. It also doesn’t cost a fortune to get started. I’ve caught huge fish on a cheap 30 dollar setup and the guy next to me with a 300 dollar rod and reel hasn’t got anything.

calkin dinner
Fresh Trout Dinner

Make sure to bring plenty of food, snacks and water. Don’t forget the beer, but as of this year the Kern river district has banned all glass containers making it a glass free zone, so bring cans or you may get a ticket. Here is the official Ruling.

Glass Ban: As of May 16th, 2016, the areas around the Kern River and Lake Isabella are subject to a glass prohibition by the Kern River Ranger District of the Sequoia National Forest. It bans glass food and beverage containers along the Upper Kern, the Lower Kern, all of Isabella Lake’s shorelines (to surrounding roadways), and for a circumference of 500 feet around the Johnsondale Bridge.
The new glass ban is another way the Kern River Ranger District will continue to improve the recreation experience for visitors to our beautiful Wild and Scenic Kern River and the shorelines of Lake Isabella.
The Forest Order with maps and specific descriptions of areas included in the glass ban can be found at any of the Sequoia National Forest’s offices.
For more information, or if you have questions about the ban, please call Tricia Maki, Kern River Recreation Officer, at 760-376-3781 extension 630. The Forest Order with maps and specific descriptions of areas included in the glass ban can be found here, or at any of the Sequoia National Forest’s offices.

I like to grill meats and fish when I camp. Hotdogs on the fire are great too. I bought this grill I love at Walmart and not only do I grill on it , but I put my skillet on there and cook a variety of things for breakfast and dinner.

Texsport Heavy-Duty Camp Grills


Fairview Campground site 15, Upper Kern River.


An award-winning outfitter known for exceptional service and running carefully structured, exhilarating rafting trips with a crew of well-trained guides. Their goal is simple: Provide you with a whitewater rafting experience that is so much fun that you will return for another trip with Kern River Outfitters.
One of the primary outdoor activities to the Kern river valley is whitewater rafting. Short trips, one and two day are available on the Upper and Lower Kern river. The Upper Kern rafting season is generally from late April through early July and the Lower Kern rafting season is from Memorial Day weekend through early September. Flows change on a year to year basis depending on the California snowpack.

Two day rafting trips
The Lower Kern river offers a 20 mile, two day rafting trip, starting below Lake Isabella dam. Kern rafters enjoy miles and miles of fun class II, III, and IV whitewater.

One day rafting trips
Full day Kern river rafting trips are available on both the Upper and Lower Kern sections of the river. The advantage of a Lower Kern one day trip is that the rafting is uninterrupted, meaning you get on and off the bus just once. The advantage of the Upper Kern full day is that there is plenty of road access, meaning you can pick and choose the most ideal sections of river to raft on.

Short rafting trips
For those tight on time, shorter Kern rafting trips are available. These include a half day and a 2 hour trip.


Check out the Kern, you may fall in love. With so much to do and see, the Kern is a special place to my family for many years and many years to come. Until next time here on


Camping: Dutch Oven Cobbler

Dutch Ovens are the way to go when camping and you want to make delicious desserts. They can also be used to make incredible meals anywhere from meats to a pizza.During the late 17th century, the Dutch system of producing these cast metal cooking vessels was more advanced than the English system. The Dutch used dry sand to make their molds, giving their pots a smoother surface. Consequently, metal cooking vessels produced in the Netherlands were imported into Britain. In 1704, an Englishman named Abraham Darby decided to go to the Netherlands to observe the Dutch system for making these cooking vessels. Four years later, back in England, Darby patented a casting procedure similar to the Dutch process and began to produce cast-metal cooking vessels for Britain and her new American colonies. Thus the term “Dutch oven” has endured for over 300 years, since at least 1710.
Dutch ovens are well suited for long, slow cooking, such as in making roasts, stews, and casseroles. Virtually any recipe that can be cooked in a conventional oven can be cooked in a Dutch Oven.When cooking over a campfire, it is possible to use old-style lipped cast iron Dutch ovens as true baking ovens, to prepare biscuits, cakes, breads, pizzas, and even pies. A smaller baking pan can be placed inside the ovens, used and replaced with another as the first batch is completed. It is also possible to stack Dutch ovens on top of each other, conserving the heat that would normally rise from the hot coals on the top. These stacks can be as high as 5 or 6 pots.A camping, cowboy, or chuckwagon Dutch oven has three legs, a wire bail handle, and a slightly concave, rimmed lid so that coals from the cooking fire can be placed on top as well as below. This provides more uniform internal heat and lets the inside act as an oven. These ovens are typically made of bare cast iron, although some are aluminum. Dutch ovens are often used in Scouting outdoor activities.

Camp Chef 12″ Deep Dutch Oven
This is the Dutch Oven I own. I love it and it has stood up to many camp outings.People traditionally season their iron Dutch ovens like other cast-iron cookware.After I use the Dutch oven they are typically cleaned like other cast iron cookware: with boiling water and a brush, and no or minimal soap. After the oven has been dried, it should be given a thin coating of cooking oil to prevent rusting. Whether that should be a vegetable fat.I use cooking spray,it”s easy to apply and works fine. Saturated fats are more stable than polyunsaturated fats, which tend to go rancid more quickly.I then place it on my coleman stove and I heat it up to soak in the oils and season it.
Where possible, a cleaned and freshly oiled Dutch oven should be stored in a clean, dry location with the lid ajar or off to promote air circulation and to avoid the smell and taste of rancid oil. If the Dutch oven must be stored with the lid on, a paper towel or piece of newspaper should be placed inside the oven to absorb any moisture.With care, after much use the surfaces of the Dutch oven will become dark black, very smooth, shiny and non-stick. With proper care, a Dutch oven will provide long service.

Camp Chef 12″ Dutch Oven Carry Bag
I have this carrying bag that keeps it together and protects it from banging around and getting dirty or wet.

Camp Chef Dutch Oven Lifter
You can use this lid lifter to check on your meal and move the unit around when its hot from being on the coals. I recommend it.

Camp Chef Heat Resistant Dutch Oven Gloves
Another way to handle the Dutch oven around the fire is to use these fire resistant gloves to keep from burning your hands.

Lodge Field Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking Cookbook
Another Dutch Oven company Lodge makes a nice in the field cooking guide. Here are a few cookbooks to check out that are great. I recommend you get one to study up on your Dutch oven cooking.

Camp Cooking: 100 Years

The Scout’s Dutch Oven Cookbook

Sunset The Great Outdoors Cookbook: Adventures in Cooking Under the Open Sky

Thank you to the sponsor Sierra Trading Post for the wonderful video. So when your planning an outdoor trip, bring a Dutch Oven with you and cook some amazing meals. There is nothing like a fesh cooked meal over the fire after a long day in the outdoors. until next time here on

Tent care tips

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Besides buying a good quality tent,follow some basic guidelines to keep your tent in good lasting condition. Thanks to our sponsors from Sierra Trading Post, this video will help discuss these key points.

Depending on the amount of people or extra space you need, determines the size of the tent you want to have. I like to get one a little bigger than my head count to provide extra room for storing stuff and to be able to move around a little more. I have four people that sleep in my tent, so i get a six person tent. I prefer Coleman tents. Coleman is a trusted  brand and has been used by my family ever since I was a kid. There are other good brands as well but prices vary.

Sundome 6 Person Tent
This Coleman 6 person Sundome tent is the tent I have. It is really durable and has held up in rainy weather. Other Coleman dome tents are also a great choice. There are some newer ones that are of just the same great quality.

Coleman Cimmaron 8-Person Modified Dome Tent
The Cimmaron is a larger 8 person domestyle tent that is roomier and longer. This tent looks sharp too in it’s bright red color.You have room to stand up in this tent and it has a weather tech system like most coleman tents to keep out the bad weather.

Coleman 8-Person Double Hub Instant Tent
This Coleman 8 person Instant tent is a breeze to set up. My parents have one and they love it. It is really roomy inside and you can also stand up in it. It also has a weather guard system and is made of poly guard fabric to stand up in the elements. USA, LLC

ALPS Mountaineering Gradient 2 Person Backpacking Tent
If you don’t need a big tent,get a backpacking tent. They are small rugged and lightweight. Alps Mountaineering makes high quality backpacking tents. Backpacking tents usually are going to cost a little more money based on the materials and alloys they use to make the frames lightweight. Walmart and Target do have 2 person tents for around $30 that will do the job, but these tents will last longer and can be used if your hiking.

ALPS Mountaineering, Taurus Tent, 4 Person
Another Alps Mountaineering tent the Taurus 4 person tent is really rugged with special flys and zippered doors. It also has a weather system to survive the storm.

Ozark Trail Heavy-Duty Tarp, Silver/Brown
The video refers to using a footprint to put under the tent to add protection to the tents floor. Unless you are backpacking and need a layer exactly the shape of your tent for weight purposes, Get a tarp. Tarps are cheap and can be placed under the tents floor for great protection and it won’t kill the pocket book.

Follow these  basic guidelines and your tent should last a long time. So get that tent out of the garage and check it out. You may to clean it up,repair it, or you may need a new one.  Remember to have the right gear you need to enjoy the outdoors. Until next time ,here on

Sleeping Guide to the Outdoors

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Getting better sleep requires great gear. Here are some options in both sleeping bags,  pads, and mattresses to achieve that goal. Whether its a pad, or mattress you want something that will get you off the bare ground and provide insulation and comfort.

Therm-a-Rest ProLite 4 Sleeping Pad – Regular
This Thermarest pad is a four season pad that is very light and folds up very small for backpacking.

ALPS Mountaineering Dual Foam Sleeping Pad – Large
Alps Mountaineering makes this pad that is an egg crate like foam design and provides good insulation.

Coleman has a very inexpensive foam mat that gets the job done.

Coleman Single-High QuickBed with 4D Pump Combo
Coleman makes quality air mattresses in several sizes. So if its just you or the entire family, they got you covered.

Outdoor Products 30°F Sleeping Bag – Mummy, Synthetic (For Kids)
Outdoor products is a quality company,makes this great kids bag at a steal of a price.

Coleman Big Basin 0- to 20-Degree Adult Sleeping Bag
Coleman ,an icon in the outdoors world, makes a great low temp. bag at a low price.

Kelty Coromell 40-Degree Down Adult Sleeping Bag
Kelty is a leader in hiking gear, and their bags are warm and of superior quality.  This bag is a 40 degree bag for warmer temps.

Outdoor Products Women’s Rec Sleeping Bag
This Outdoor Products women bag is also a great bag for the milder weather.

The Coleman Palmetto is a great bag for cool climates and is very affordable.

Wenzel has been around for years. That’s because they make quality gear. This Grande 0 degree bag is perfect for the cold weather conditions for those that don’t want a mummy bag.

Anyone heard of Slumberjack ? I don’t know why. They are a leading high end brand for hiking bags. This Timberjack 40 degree bag is perfect for the badk yard campout or milder climates.

Stansport Outdoor 508 10″ X 20″ Portable Camp Pillow
Stansport makes really good camp pillows that are durable for the campout. Texsport is another brand that has pillows for the outdoors.

Give a thanks for the video from one of our sponsors, Sierra Trading Post.  Stay dry and stay warm,then you will have a better nights rest in the outdoors. Until next time here on Campingandfishing .org. USA, LLC

Camping Apparel with style

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When your going camping or hiking you still got to look good right? Not only dress with style but dress in comfort and according to the weather conditions. Bring warm clothes for at night or if the weather changes even in the summer. Bring rain gear for that unexpected downpour . Good socks and footwear go hand and hand. So in this article I’ll show quality outdoor clothing with style and at a low price.
A beanie isn’t a bad idea,it keeps your head warm and looks cool on both men and women alike. Mountain Beanie makes a nice Nepal style wool beanie.

Mountain Beanie (Nepal) Sage
Tru-Spec makes a nice stylish breathable boonie for kayaking or fishing and more.

Tru-Spec Military Boonie, TRU GEN 2 OD Green, OSFM
And for the ladies ,this Mountain Hardwear raffia bucket hat, this looks cool and keeps the sun off.

Mountain Hardwear Raffia Bucket Hat (For Women)
Flannel shirts always look tough while in the outdoors. Like this affordable one I found.

Red Extra Heavyweight Brawny Flannel Shirt – 2X-Large

For ladies this Mountain Hardwear ,”Sona Lake”, flannel shirt looks good in the woods.

Mountain Hardwear SonaLake Flannel Shirt – Long Sleeve (For Women)
Columbia makes stylish clothing for the outdoors. Heres a Columbia trail shirt thats perfect for exploring in.

Columbia Sportswear Declination Trail II Shirt – UPF 25, Short Sleeve (For Men)
This retro looking Columbia shirt looks cool for kicking it in camp.

Columbia Sportswear Innisfree Polo Shirt – UFP 50, Sleeveless (For Women)
This mens sweater from Azzuro is nice all year round,not just in the snowy season.

Azzuro Men’s Round Neck Long Sleeve Floral Pattern Pullover Casual Sweater (Size S / 36)
Here is a great women rain jacket by Mossi. Look good and go dance in the rain.

Mossi Adrenaline Turquoise/ Black Jacket Mossi Adrenaline Jacket Turquoise/Black Large
Carhartt makes this ladies beautiful sweater to enjoy your surroundings.

Carhartt Dutton Sweater – Cowl Neck (For Women)
Condor makes the jacket that is warm since it’s filled with down and this is way affordable compared to other big brands.

Condor Zephyr Lightweight Down Jacket, Black, XX-Large

Tactical is all good in the outdoors, with this Summit zero jacket by Condor. Plenty of pockets and weather protection included.

Condor Summit Zero Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket, OD – M

Women enjoy these stretch denim Capris by Carhartt ,match them with a flannel shirt and your set.

Carhartt Curvy Fit Tomboy Capris – Stretch Denim (For Women)
This pair of rugged women’s convertible pants are perfect for hiking trails in style.

ExOfficio Super Nio Amphi Convertible Pants (For Women)
These cute camping shorts go perfect with whatever top or sweater you choose.They are fast drying and moisture wicking.

ExOfficio Super Nomad Shorts (For Women)
Men enjoy these Mountain Hardwear durable upf 50 hiking shorts.

Mountain Hardwear Portino Shorts – UPF 50 (For Men)
And here is some matching shorts for women.Mountain Hardwear makes awesome gear.

Mountain Hardwear Mirada Cargo Shorts (For Women)
Yes wool socks work great in the summer too,and they do keep your feet cool in the day and warm at night.

Bridgedale Hiker Socks – Lightweight, Wool Blend, 2-Pack (For Men and Women)

Columbia Sportswear Merino Wool Hiking Socks – Lightweight, Crew (For Men)

Merrell Siren Sport Socks – Wool Blend, Ankle (For Women)
Gloves sometimes aren’t a bad idea these cool gloves from Grand Sierra have you looking like a star.

Grand Sierra Microfleece Gloves – Touch-Screen Compatible
Hi tec makes top quality hiking boots and shoes. Look cool wherever you go in the outdoors with these “Skamania” mid hiking boots.

Hi-Tec Skamania Mid Hiking Boots – Waterproof (For Men)
Women look fancy in these Asolo rugged hiking shoes.Made out of tough Goretex and a waterproof membrane.

Asolo Bionic Gore-Tex(R) Approach Shoes – Waterproof (For Women)
Merrell also has great quality hiking shoes that look good on your feet.

Merrell Oakbrook Ventilator Hiking Shoes (For Women)

These Columbia outdoor sandals rock. I have a pair and I love them, and they hold up to the abuse. Not to mention they look styling on me.

Columbia Watershot Men US 13 Black Open Toe Sport Sandal
Whether your sitting around camp or hiking to the peak,you’ve got to look good. I hope you’ve enjoyed the selections I chose. Remember to be cool,and stay warm on your next visit to the outdoors. Until next time,here on

Camping checklist



Extra 15% off at Sierra Trading Post with code ALWAVES6. Valid through May 4, 2016.
It’s that time of year again to get ready for summer camping. Whether your going alone, with friends,or family,you have got to have the right gear you need. What you bring depends on a lot of factors. Location and climate play a roll. Always prepare for rain and cold weather even in the summer while camping. So bring rain gear and cold weather clothes. A tarp isn’t a bad idea either ,it can be used as shade or a rain shelter to cook under etc. The amount of people who are going does affect how much and what you bring. Pets also need gear too. Car camping let’s you bring more gear of course than if you were backpacking your gear into a site via a trail. Any recreational activities being enjoyed also determine what gear to have. A kayak or fishing pole may be on the list to take with you. So I have devised a list of basics and a few cool items to take with you on your next trip into the outdoors.
1. A tent. Pick a tent that fits the number of people you plan on having in your tent with you. I always get one a little bigger than my headcount in my family to have some storage .
This Sundome 6 Person Tent is the one I have for my family and I. We really like it and we are happy with the quality of Coleman tents. Ours has lasted for several years now. If you need a smaller tent they have a Coleman Sundome 2-Person Dome Tent  which is smaller but also works well if your hiking.  For those big families that all want to sleep together you need an 8 to 12 man tent like the Ozark Trail 21′ x 10′ 3-Room Instant Tent with Awning, Sleeps 12, Red

Ozark Trail is Walmart’s brand. It is great quality at a low price. I have a 2 person Ozark Trail tent I use for backpacking that I love.
2. A good sun canopy is great to have. You can use this to cook under if it rains if you have to.  A canopy has saved several of my trips in the past. They are also great to rest at the end of the day under and have a cold drink in the shade. The Trademark Innovations Lightweight and Portable 10’x10′ Canopy Tent Is affordable and available in several colors.
3.Sleeping bags vary on climate and user preferences. Coleman,Tetonsport,and Kelty  make quality bags at reasonable prices compared to other high end bags. My wife uses the Coleman Brazos 75″ x 33″ Rectangle Sleeping Bag Navy/Beige 2000004419 its a 30 degree bag and works well in the mountains in the summer.

Coleman Heritage 84″ x 40″ Rectangle Sleeping Bag Navy 2000008710 This bag is a bigger bag for tall or wider people like me. I really like Coleman bags ,Lanterns and tents. They have been a family tradition for me since I was a kid.
3. A sleeping pad or an air mattress really makes the night more comfortable both in warmth and hardness on the back and neck. The INTEX Pillow Rest Classic Full Bed Inflatable Airbed Air Mattress w/ Pump is a brand I use and is affordable and has lasted me for several years.If your backpacking or just want a pad rather a mattress the ALPS mountaineering pad is great. Pads are expensive and range how light you want one to carry.

ALPS Mountaineering Summit Sleeping Pad – Regular
4. A pillow. Bring one you don’t mind getting abused. I like to use a flannel pillow case.
5. A multitool like the LEATHERMAN 832132 Multi-Tool, Silver, 12 Tools can handle all sorts of projects around camp or on the trail. I even take mine fishing with me.
6. A knife. I usually bring several with me camping for different needs. The Morakniv Clipper 840 Knife – Straight Edge, Fixed Blade

This is a great knife for bushcraft meaning ,doing things around camp. The Mora knife is from sweden and was made as far back as the 1800’s. It is used by their military still today. The carbon steel blade can be used with a flint to start a campfire. I also bring a big survival knife ,which is military issue, for large jobs and protection. K-bar has been making combat knives forever.The United States Marines recognize a superior knife when they see one. The Ka-Bar USMC Serrated Edge Knife 5018

And lastly I bring a good fillet knife for preparing the fish only. Keep your knife sharp at all times. This knife comes with a sharpener which makes it easy.

7. A good axe is needed  to chop kindling for the campfire and do other tasks around camp.This axe really gets the job done. Condor makes excellent knives and axes. Especially primitive bushcraft knives.
8. A backpack. Whether you need a daypack for short walks around the lake or a 55 liter hiking pack,High Sierra has got you covered. They make quality packs at low cost.

high sierra daypack 4

High Sierra
9. A camp chair. I have a nice big guy chair that I love. I was tired of the other chairs I had that were uncomfortable.Coleman in general makes good quality chairs.

10.Headlamps and flashlights. A good headlamp like the Coleman 2000021027 Axis HP LED HeadLampkeeps it bright while you do chores or hikes at night. As far as a flashlight ,I like Cree type lights ,the technology is brighter than LED lights and is compact. Lumintop has a great variety of lights to choose from.

And top of the line 800 lumen super bright cree light from Nitecore,it’s more expensive but superior to all cree lights.

11.Lanterns. By far the Coleman lantern is the best propane lantern out there for camping. It is an icon of the outdoors. The propane lanterns are a lot brighter and last longer than battery powered lanterns. The propane bottles can be interchanged with the Coleman camp stove as well. This one has a nice carrying case. Also bring extra mantles.

12.Water filter and water tablets. The Sawyer water filter is the one I have and I’ve drank river water for a week while hiking and love it. Sawyer makes a great product at inexpensive prices compared to other filter systems.

13.A stove.  A great camping stove like the Coleman 2 Burner Triton Series Stove 2000012034 gets things cooked fast. It has two burners to do the job. A Coleman griddle fits the stove perfect, to make pancakes and other delicacies. The one I’ve had for years has done the job well.Don’t forget extra propane bottles and matches.
14.Camp fire grill. I use the Camp Chef Lumberjack Over the Fire Grill to cook meals in my skillet or grill meat.It folds up easy to take with you. I like to wrap mine in a trash bag so I don’t make a mess in the car while traveling.
fish fry
15. A skillet,pots,and pans. My Camp Chef 20″ Lumberjack Skillet really is nice and home cooked meals in camp. An iron skillet lasts forever. Remember to not clean it with soap you can use sand or salt and water to clean it with a scrubber. I also preseason it each time after cleaning with cooking spray and heating it up on the camp stove.
16.A Dutch oven is another great method of camp cooking. It is like a camping crockpot. The Camp Chef 10″ Deep Dutch OvenI have ,I really like and I make all kinds of recipes in it. Cookbooks are available for Dutch oven cooking like this book I have; The Wilderness Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking . Follow the same process to clean and season just as the skillet. And don’t forget your food ,and drinks your going to bring. Put that on a separate list.
17.Kitchen accessories like paper towels ,cutting board,cooking utensils,ziplock bags, aluminum foil,a can opener/corkscrew,pot scrubber and camp soap are good to have in camp.A good coffee pot is absolute like the Stansport STN11230B Enamel 8-cup Coffee Pot With Percolator & Four 12-ounce Mugs . Splurge a little and bring some starbucks ground coffee. Nothing like a cup of joe lakeside.
A cooler is another item necessary on the outing. I bought a Coleman 54-Quart Steel Coolerand I love it.The cooler is made out of steel belted radial tire material and it keeps the ice cold for 5 days. I have had it for 7 years and nothing is broken,The thing is tough. Mine is stainless ,but they come in several colors all steel. All you need is the Ice.
owens river camp
18.A camping table set is an awesome thing to have. Everything you need to eat with is all there for the entire family. Both Stansport and Coleman make a great set. The enamel stone finish is tough.

19.Personal items like toilet paper,shampoo,toothbrush and paste,lip balm,sunscreen and insect repellant are just a few items to take.Don’t forget any medications you may need.A good first aid kit is essential to any outdoor adventure.

20. A camera or camcorder works ,most people use their phones nowadays.
21.Binoculars come in handy in the outdoors.Get a good pair and you won’t be sorry. They can be used to enjoy the beautiful scenery or view wildlife.

22. Maps,guidebooks,magazines and books are nice to take along.A notebook ,pen and pencil are nice to write memoirs. A sketchpad is a great idea,to draw the surroundings. Don’t leave your camping reservations at home either.
23.Pet needs. Pets have to have things too like toys,pet bed,food,a leash Maybe a stake ,and water.
24.A good radio to listen to music or the weather conditions is a sound idea.
25.If you have kids then you might want to invest in these.I have them and they work great to keep in contact with my son while he plays close to camp.

Motorola MS350R – 35 Mile Range Talkabout 2-Way Radios, PAIR

26. A deck of cards,games,water toys,kites,and a hacky sack bring enjoyment to camp.There is nothing like a good hack and a cold drink at the end of the day.

Hacky Sack – Alie (Colors Will Vary)n

At night a star gaze map,hot cocoa, glowsticks for the kids,and S’mores really are a big hit.Don’t forget a coat hanger or a marshmallow roasting stick.
27.Clothes and footwear. Remember to always bring warm clothes and rain gear to the mountains even in the summer.A good jacket will keep you warm at night.

A good sweater or sweatshirt is also a great idea. Bring pants and shorts,but don’t forget the swimwear. Wool socks are a good choice even in the summer they work fine. I wear Long underwear at night to sleep warm. A good hat is hard to beat. Ballcaps work great. A beanie also keeps you warm at night. I love my boonie,it keeps the sun off me.
river trail 7
Fishing Hunting Bucket Hat Boonie Outdoor Cap Washed Cotton Military Safari Summer Men – Land Camouflage
Footwear is a personal choice, but I prefer hiking shoes. They protect my feet and give me a good footing on the rugged terrain.  Merrell makes great footwear and is lower in price than other great brands.

I also bring a solid pair of outdoor sandals. They do me just fine. They are great around the water and I’ve even worn them swimming.

28. Recreational items are needed depending on the type of activities your going to enjoy on your trip. I always bring Fishing gear when I go camping.Walmart seems to have the best prices on fishing poles and tackle. I rarely spend over $30 for a rod and reel and I catch just as much fish as the guy next to me with the $200 set up. Don’t forget the powerbait and lures.

Daiwa D-Shock 2-Piece Spinning Combo 7′ DSK30-2B/F702M

29. Kayaks and Canoes are a great way to explore the water while on a trip. Walmart has nice kayaks at low prices that won’t cost $800 plus out of your wallet.Remember to always wear a life jacket.
Lifetime, 9’8″, 1-Man Boyd Sit-Inside Kayak, Yellow, with Bonus Padded Seat Back

30. Mountain bikes are also popular in the outdoors. There is nothing like zipping around the trails on a bike in the woods. Take a backpack along and a water bottle. Don’t forget to wear a helmet.

26″ Mongoose Men’s Maxim Mountain Bike, Green
So whether your going a week ,or going a weekend you have to make a checklist to see what you have and what you need. Don’t be unprepared in the outdoors. Put things together early and you’ll be glad you did. Your next journey outdoors awaits. Until next time here at

Walmart onboard with

cropped-cropped-1466198_10207013941888595_1825734281467956398_n-221.jpgwalmart outdoor productscamping-logo-walmart-products – Homepage

Americas leading retailer,Walmart has joined the team. We now can provide outdoor gear at rollback prices. Whether it’s a tent,fishing pole,or chairs they got you covered.

Ozark Trail 14′ x 14′ Instant Cabin Tent with Private Room, Sleeps 11, Green

Ozark Trail,Walmart”s brand, Is a quality outdoor equipment at a lower price. I personally have an Ozark Trail 2-man tent,That I use backpacking that I outdoor products

Ozark Trail 4-Season 2-Person Hiker Tent

So check into their gear.They make anything from stoves,tents,chairs,canopies,you name it,they probably make it and you can save money.

Ozark Trail 9′ x 7′ Dome Tent, Sleeps 3-4

For years I’ve bought outdoor gear at Walmart and have saved money. I really like their fishing poles. I rarely spend over 35 dollars on a rod and reel combo. I have a stove from there.I’ve gotten Chairs over the years.My tent I mentioned earlier is great. Knives,paracord,propane,lanterns,and countless fishing tackle are just a few of the many items I purchase from Walmart. would like to thank Walmart for providing the contract to advocate quality low price gear and joining us in the wild as we explore the outdoors.