river trail 3 My name is Joey Hogan.I am 42 years old,married,and father of two small boys.I have lived in southern California most of my life. I also have lived in central California. I’ve traveled all over the world in my youth.As far as the outdoor goes I’ve been on trips to Alaska,Canada,Oregon,Utah,Nevada,Wisconsin and a few other states besides my home state California. I take part in Camping,Hiking,Fishing,Boating,Kayaking,Snowboarding,and other outdoor adventures.I enjoy nature and our environment.I feel that there is something that magically connects us with the outdoors.
This site is something I have thought about doing for along time. I have wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with others to inspire them to fully enjoy the outdoors as much as my family and I do. This site is not to just plug expensive items to buy,I will show that there is economical gear to have without breaking your wallet.